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A sampling of science fiction/fantasy short stories posted here was well received over the past couple of years. So I decided to publish an expanded assemblage — basically the whole damn family — in a trilogy, including stories I’ve never published anywhere else.

The Fantasy Crow trilogy is available now in paperback and Kindle editions. This blog will remain up for announcements and reader comments/questions.

If you’d like, you can donate to the cause, which is to support my writing and my Fantasy Crow YouTube channel. Thank you!

As a teaser, here’s the first story from the first book:




See you in the Twitterverse (@kcroes) or elsewhere. Where something unknown is doing we don’t know what.



Fantasy Crow cover

Table of contents for Fantasy Crow: A Collection of Curious Flights

  1. The Practice Field
  2. The Shadow Cats
  3. The Jumping Off Point
  4. The Hunter Gegenschein
  5. The East Deptford Gnome
  6. Nirvana Nowhere
  7. Revolt on Ragnoor
  8. Creek Fire
  9. The Separation
  10. Pawnbroker Curve
  11. The Dogs
  12. Patchett’s Planet


Fantasy Crow II cover

Table of contents for Fantasy Crow II: Flights Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. The Scout
  2. Sleep Time
  3. True Love Balls
  4. Moving Into the Red House
  5. The Star Bar
  6. Faces in the Fire
  7. Mr. Fravel’s Junkyard
  8. The Rivalry
  9. The Pronto Glyph
  10. American Gothic
  11. Anima
  12. The Voyage of Hank Farley
  13. World Report


FanCrowIII cover

Table of contents for Fantasy Crow III: Watchers of the Final Flights

  1. Face of a Stranger
  2. Broken Rainbow
  3. First Date
  4. Fitness for Franklin
  5. Forgive Us Our Trespasses
  6. Frontiers Unlimited
  7. Invasion Cue
  8. The Lost Probe
  9. Maxwell’s Demon
  10. Old Times, New Times
  11. The Sins of the King
  12. The Temporary
  13. Various Factors Leading to the Disallowance of the Head


Published by Fantasy Crow Publications, a division of Croes Copy, Port St. Lucie, FL.